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Our business process

Analysis and design

We start understanding the business needs to create a design of a tentative architecture, components and solution candidate.

Solution prototyping

We develop a series of mockups between product designers and related stakeholders to provide an accurated solution.

Product development

We start the development after review all corners and bussiness sides, we implement the best industry strategies and recommendations.


We start a process in parallel with product development to ensurance the product quality, we includes manual testing or automated testing.


Major of projects has different stages to ensurance que HA and BCDR to provide a solid product.


We provide a way to do real a project, we analyze the business needs to be a real product and we are working so hard to overcome this barrier.

Case studies

Virtual capital of America

We facilitate global trade through a wide variety of payment products and services that go beyond borders, taking us to new markets and experiencing truly significant experiences. Improving the way we live. We are transforming the way you pay.

Go Bot

Increase sales, reduce costs, and automate your business. You can automate your WhatsApp and Instagram messages with a chatbot.

Mi Retail

We are creating a bridge between suppliers and stores, powering businesses through tools and services to create a real digital transformation in retailers. Mi Retail pretend prevents institutional voids in traditional businesses.

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